Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut by Emily White

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Stars: *****

Would never have guessed that a whole book could be filled up just talking about sluts. This was a very interesting book. I love books that interview lots of people and include their thoughts so that the book isn’t from just one person’s point of view but from many. From the interviews, I learned that a lot of girls that are called sluts are nothing of the sort, and that those that are promiscious, aren’t usually as bad as the rumours set them up to be.

There seems to be a correlation between sexual abuse as a child and either promiscuity or people thinking you are promiscious. Almost all the “high school sluts” White interviewed had been sexually abused. The book also brings to the light this question: What is wrong with being sexual? When people call other people names, whether true or not, they usually do so because either they are jealous of that person or they are scared or ignorant about that person. Teens see big-breasted girls, girls who dress to show off their body or girls who have sex and they either wish they were her or they wish they were with her or they think that sex is a bad thing. I don’t mean that I think teens should have sex. You will have to read the book to understand what I mean furthur.

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