The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

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Stars: ****

I would love it if life after death were like that. I believe that what we go through many incarnations and learn things each time. This could be one way of reviewing what you’ve learned. This book is not about reincarnation though, I don’t want you to get confused. When Ed dies, he meets 5 people in heaven that touched his life in someway. Some he hasn’t even met. But his life and their life were altered in some way. It’s a great read if you are interested in life after death, or how life is interconnected. It is fiction but it does carry with it a lesson about interconnectedness. We are all connected in some way.

Even if you are not interested in these things, if you like reading about other’s lives, it’s a great book for that too. This book is definitely highly recommended.

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