21st Century Wicca by Jennifer Hunter

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Stars: ****1/2

This is a really good book. I am very suprised at how good of a writer Jennifer Hunter is. When I first ordered this book, I was just going by it’s title and when I got it, I was dissapointed because it looked like another stupid beginner’s book with the same old information as every other one. It got put to the side and then I packed up my room because we were redoing it. 6 months later I unpacked it and have been reading it and I am astonished at how good it is and mad at myself for not giving it a chance. I especially like the chapters on Magic and Everyday Magic (living as a Witch.)

The book is divided into three parts, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Chapters include: Energy Work, Diety, Magic, Sabbats, Ritual, Magical Tools and Altars, Initiation, The Other Side, Commmunity, Relationships, Teenage Trip and College Life and more. There are quotes from real witches scattered throughout the book and she provides exercises too. The exercises are fun!

I most definitely recommend this book to beginners but even if you aren’t a beginner, this book is very informational. As the preface says:
“I wrote this book because I felt that most of the books on Wicca were giving us too much of what we didn’t need: flowery rituals, tables of correspondances, complicated spells — and yet, virtually no information about the reasons behind all that.”

How true! Hunter does a superb job of fulfilling her goal.

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