The Pigman by Paul Zindel

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Review updated 2010

Stars: ****

Summary: John and Lorraine are two teenagers who pass the time by playing pranks on other people. During one prank they meet Mr. Pignati whom they call The Pigman. Both kids have trouble at home and so The Pigman becomes like a good friend for both of them. Something terrible happens and the teens are left wondering if they are to blame.

This is another book that is often read in schools and I’m glad because it was a good book. I’ve read it many times since then. The two young teens who are main characters in the book are troubled teens. I’m not saying that this book will make things better or give you the answer or anything, just that you might like it if you are troubled.

The lessons the teens learn are important lessons I think every teen should take the time to listen to.

To those of you who are studying it in school right now, I know it might seem stupid, but stick with it. Actually read it, enough to retain it. As you get older, I think it will come back to you at certain parts of your life.

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