The Rainbow in your Life by Maryanne E. Hoffman

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Stars: *****

Ever feel like something’s just not right? You’ve been feeling blah but you aren’t sad? Feel out of synch? Not harmonized? Then you need this book.
The Rainbow in your Life talks about how different colours affect you and they way you think and act. There is a GREAT quiz that helps you decide what colours you should be wearing, eating, decorating with and more. Some of the questions in the quiz are “What is your favourite season?” “Review your wardrobe and list the three most predominant colours,” and “List the three dominant colours in your bathroom.”

These questions and more will help you see if your are surrounding yourself with the right colours. Once you figure out your colour(s), you can go to the appropriate section and see suggestions on lighting, food, fashion and how your colour(s) affect your family, career, health, relationships, friends and even vehicles.

You will also find info on the different types of colour: neons and pastels, different tones, monochromatic and more. The book has instructions on creating your own Colour Mandala to aid in meditation. There are even small sections on Auras and Dreams.

This book is HIGHLY recommended.

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