Celebrate the Earth by Laurie Cabot with Jean Mills

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Stars: ****

I have been searching for a good Sabbats Book for a long time. Finally, one day I came across this book. It was great! I go back to it all the time. After an information filled section on each sabbat, you will find a short story on some aspect of that holiday, followed by a section entitled Earth Magic. In this section you will find sample rituals, garb, prepartation, herbcraft, spellcraft, magical stones and lore. The rituals are for groups though, that is the only problem, but I suppose you could change them for solitary use. Earth magic also has recipies for oil mixtures and some spells to try out.

Following Earth Magic you will find the section entitled Holiday Fare. This is where you will find recipies for dishes you can make for meals or desserts. After that you will find Ancient Activities which includes crafts and lore related to the season.

Even the appendices have valueable information that will have you looking back again and again.

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